The lack of affordable housing in Nova Scotia isn’t isolated, many other locations have the same concerns. However, that doesn’t mean that the issue should be ignored. The quest for affordable places to rent doesn’t have a simple solution either. There are several challenges that must be reviewed and evaluated. There are some options in Nova Scotia for low-income families to help them find a viable place to live that fits their budget.

Provincial Affordable Housing Program

One option is to apply for the Provincial Affordable Housing Program available in Nova Scotia. This program is provided by the government and it helps to offer more housing for low-income families. Developers can receive funds for the construction of housing units that will be rented out at a reasonable price. The grants and loans help pay for some of the construction costs, lowering the overhead for the businesses involved. However, the owners have to keep the rental prices low enough that they can reasonably be paid by lower-income families.

An investment of $25 million was put into affordable housing in 2021 by the government of Nova Scotia. Across the province, an additional 500 units of affordable rentals were added. This is a huge starting point, but there is more to be done to help ensure there is enough safe and stable housing for lower income families in this area.

Non-Profit Housing Development

There are several non-profit entities in Nova Scotia, and they work hard to create affordable places for low-income individuals and families to rent. They often spend funds to purchase land where housing units are built. They manage these properties so they can keep the costs lower than a typical landlord/renter agreement. They can also verify the units meet the standards for safety.

The Nova Scotia government works closely with many of these non-profit entities. One of them is AHANS (the Affordable Housing Association of Nova Scotia). They work hard to create more housing options in this area and keep those prices affordable.

Rental Subsidies

One of the common ways that the government helps low-income individuals and families afford housing is through rental subsidies. They pay a portion of the rent each month for these households. The funds often go directly to the landlord but in other situations, they go to the household and they use them to pay the landlord. This program is conducted through the Nova Scotia Housing Authority.

There are several other such partnerships in this province including one with Halifax Housing Help Association. This non-profit entity helps low-income families, the disabled, and the elderly find and secure affordable housing.
With the efforts in place, there is hope for affordable housing in Nova Scotia. Ideas continue to be tossed around including grants or loans for construction of additional units. These are the three main programs in place at this time to help with the cost of a place to live. Private landlords are encouraged to reach out if they need funds to make a home livable. They may be eligible if they agree to rent it to someone for a reduced cost.