Nova Scotia Affordable Housing

The need for an affordable housing commission in Nova Scotia.

What is going on?

In Nova Scotia, one of the hot topics is the search for affordable housing in this area. There is a significant demand for it. Unfortunately, the supply of such housing options available isn’t anywhere close to fulfilling that need. This has caused many people to struggle to find a safe place to reside that they can afford. This issue isn’t going to get better on its own, it has to be addressed by policymakers and the public to turn it around.

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In November of 2020, a committee was formed to review and evaluate the affordable housing shortage in Nova Scotia. They are dedicated to finding solutions because they want everyone to…

The Affordable Housing Crisis

Part of the issue is due to the increased cost of property in Nova Scotia as well as surrounding area. This includes Toronto, Vancouver, and Winnipeg. Anywhere people turn in Canada they seem to be seeing a lack of affordable housing and it is discouraging.

This has proved to create challenges for individuals or a family to find affordable places to live in these provinces. While low-income families are hit the hardest by it, you may be surprised at how many people can’t afford the rent where they need to reside for work or an education. Buying a home isn’t practical either due to the sky-high prices of homes on the market. Too many are living in unsafe areas or even on the streets due to these housing problems.

The only solution for these areas, including Nova Scotia, is more housing options that are affordable. One option is for lawmakers to offer additional subsidies for low-income people and families. Another is to help with enticing developers to offer additional housing structures that are affordable.

There are efforts in motion buy various non-profit groups and the government of Canada. They are well aware of these housing concerns and doing what they can to reduce them. That isn’t enough though, everyone has to join in and work toward a solution. Working together, it is possible to reduce the affordable housing crisis and ensure everyone has a safe place to call home that they can also afford.


What Locals Are Saying

Do we really need affordable housing?

I do not see a future where me and my family can buy a house. Everything is so expensive now, I just don’t see a house in our future.

The real estate market just won’t stop. We’ve been saving and looking for years but it keeps going up. Something’s got to give or we’re in for big trouble.

I’m looking to retire but won’t be able to afford a place to live. This market is out of control. Our next generation is going to need all the help they can get if we don’t find affordable housing.