Canada continues to have an affordable housing crisis in place. There are many contributing factors as well as efforts in place to reduce the problem. As we take a closer look at it, we can see how growth and economic factors contribute to not enough affordable housing. At the same time, the government is working hard to find solutions, they aren’t idling sitting by watching the problem grow.

Population Increase

Canada is welcoming to immigrants and refugees, and they make their home in various areas of Canada. They are often welcomed due to the labour shortage, and they come to the provinces to work and live. They feel the void of not enough employees in various types of jobs including the medical field and construction.
However, this also means a housing shortage because that increased population is growing faster than the construction of new housing units. While there are ample opportunities to work in Canada, the reality is people won’t continue to come here if their basic needs can’t be met. One of them is an affordable place to live. That place also has to be safe for them to reside in.
Units in need of Repairs

According to the governing bodies of Canada, many of the units aren’t livable due to they need repairs. They aren’t safe for someone to live in, and that poses concerns. There are laws and regulations in place for housing and what is acceptable. They don’t want to see any person or family in a dwelling that can cause a safety risk or health problems for them.

More Units Needed

In many locations around Canada, there aren’t enough units available. It isn’t always possible for people to commute back and forth from another province to fill those jobs. The time they spend commuting takes them away from their family and it isn’t worth it in their eyes. Those locations with an affordable housing shortage are also the struggling the most to fill job openings.

While construction is in place and new buildings are offering additional units, the speed doesn’t keep up with the demand. It takes time and money to create new units. The construction companies can’t cut corners when it comes to safety or the quality of the materials they use. A labour shortage in this field can also cause delays.


Unfortunately, several families in Canada are considered to live in poverty. They don’t make enough money for their household size to cover housing expenses and other basic needs. They are barely getting by. Offering additional training and/or education for them to get better jobs is something the Canadian government tries to offer.

Statistically, many of those living in poverty are women raising children on their own. They are working but still struggling due to the increased costs of housing and other expenses. They came to Canada for a better life but the struggles have continued.

Efforts in Place

The government in Canada is working hard to offer solutions to the affordable housing crisis. They have allocated a generous amount of money to fix units so they can be inhabited safety by those that need a rental. They are partnering with various construction and development businesses to get new apartment buildings and condos created.

For those living in poverty, subsidies that help with the cost of a rental are offered. This gives them a supplement to help them afford the place where they live. Otherwise, they may be homeless without that help from the government. There are both short-term and long-term plans in the works to help reduce the challenges of affordable housing around Canada. Many of them are designed to help bring more available units within the next 1 to 2 years.