For many families in Canada, the issue of affordable housing is holding them back from the life they desire. They are struggling to make ends meet, even when they are making a decent amount of money. Studies indicate housing costs in certain areas of Canada are much higher than anywhere else. This is due to the demand for housing, and many are living in poverty because of it.

They either struggle to pay for rent and all their other bills or they are living in unsafe conditions to lower costs. Parents should never have to choose between a clean, safe living situation for their children or putting food on the table and clothing on their backs. Closing the gap to reduce these problems is something the Canadian government is working on.

Creating Affordable Safe Housing

One of the efforts in place is creating affordable, safe housing. This includes new developments where people can soon move in. Other scenarios include helping homeowners complete repairs so those homes can be rented out to others. In exchange for that assistance to complete the repairs, the owner agrees to rent the place for a certain amount of income that is within a set range.

Other efforts include turning abandoned hotels and other structures into affordable apartments. A lack of affordable housing has been an issue for some time now in Canada. It may hold people back from moving into the area and filling the many jobs that are open. They don’t want to struggle to find a place to live or to find a place they can afford. No one wants to worry about their bills month after month and just barely get by.


Some families are in homes but they can barely afford them. Government subsidies can help in certain situations. This reduces the amount of rent the household pays out of their income. The landlord still gets the total due, but they get a portion from the renter and a portion from the government of Canada.

Landlords must agree to inspections and the homes must meet certain standards to qualify under these programs. This ensures the homes are well-kept for the renters. At the same time, renters have to fall under a certain amount of income for the number of people in the household to qualify for such subsidies. It can take time to get approved, so families are encouraged to complete an application as soon as they can.

Childcare Assistance

Many households can have a second income if childcare assistance is offered. It doesn’t make sense for the second parent to go to work if almost all of what they earn goes to pay for the childcare provider! There are single-parent households in Canada, and they can’t make it without assistance to pay for childcare. Such assistance allows them to earn money for the household and afford their bills.


While many jobs in Canada do pay well, there can be a gap between the wages and the cost of living in certain areas. The government is looking closely at this to help increase such wages and help those individuals living in those communities. Assisting with education and training to help someone gain better employment is an option too.

Each community in Canada has its own resources. It is important for those in need to reach out and see what they may qualify for. Some of these programs are temporary to help them get started. Others bridge the gap between earnings and their monthly expenses so the household isn’t living in poverty.