The issue of a lack of affordable housing in Nova Scotia hasn’t gone unnoticed by the government. They continue to assess and address this issue as best they can, with recommendations on the table. There is no question there is an urgent requirement for affordable housing, and they are committed to helping with short-term solutions while they also strive to find long-term options too.

A recent report of 61 pages included 60 actions and 17 recommendations for affordable housing to become a reality in Nova Scotia. There is a diverse population here, and that also means differences in what they need with their housing requirements. Geoff MacLellan, the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing is working closely with many entities to get repairs completed on units and get new units build to offset this affordable housing crisis.

$25 million has been allocated to get these actions underway and give some relief to the affordable housing shortage. Approximately 600 to 900 households should benefit from these efforts. This includes short-term changes that offer more units for them to safely reside in and afford. At the same time, this is a foundation for the future, for long-term solutions to be built upon.

MacLellan acknowledges the public housing situation as it is today isn’t effective and it is harming the economy of Nova Scotia. It is also harming the health and well-being of those that live there but struggle to find affordable housing. The recommendations in place strive to offer equality and give everyone the chance to find housing that is safe and reasonably priced. The need for balance is one the government is taking seriously.

The information collected includes more than 2,000 Nova Scotia residents answering questions about affordable housing. A panel of 36 experts has given their feedback over the last six month. The survey offered for voluntary replies received over 1,200 responses, and this was a tremendous help to identify the best places to start changing the current affordable housing situation.

The government is very appreciative of everyone that has been involved in feedback, suggestions, completing a survey, and doing what they can to help find solutions that work for the people of Nova Scotia. The growing population in this province by approximately 37,000 from 2016 to 2021 has contributed to the affordable housing shortage. With about 12% of the population living in poverty, many face barriers to find affordable housing. This is a move in the right direction to help people find a safe and affordable place to call home.