The evaluating of the final report for Nova Scotia affordable housing will ensure the government has the right information to discuss their next steps. They are working closely with various partners in the province to offer safe and affordable housing in the near future. The report includes information collected over the previous six months. It explores both short-term and long-term affordable housing strategies.

It also involves various partners the government is working with to ensure affordable housing doesn’t continue to be a huge problem. So many people in Nova Scotia took the time to share information for the report to be completed. Geoff MacLellan, the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing, is pleased that so many people gave their input on the subject. It paves the way to move forward with initiatives and methods to get more affordable housing units available in the Nova Scotia area.

The issue isn’t new though, and many people aren’t aware that over $513 million has been invested in various programs for affordable housing over the last decade. Over 1,800 low-income homeowners received funds between 2020 and 2021 to make necessary improvements to a home so it was safe to live in. There are currently over 3,000 households in Nova Scotia receiving a monthly supplement to help them afford rent on their housing.