We all realise there is a desperate need for more affordable housing choices in Nova Scotia and surrounding areas. Our website is dedicated to helping find solutions and ensuring people have a chance to share their concerns or their stories. Staying connected with the efforts in place can help you identify what is taking shape and help to help it move forward.

One of these options is to participate in an online workshop. The format is convenient as you can listen to the information from anywhere. You do need to register in advance, so watch for future days to be listed and check your schedule. Future workshops will be held and new dates added to continue to address the need for affordable housing in Nova Scotia.

The goal of each workshop is to help find solutions and break down barriers so affordable rentals are offered in the Nova Scotia area. Those that own property are encouraged to share ideas and be involved with this effort. Any recommendations for development of property for rentals is greatly appreciated and encouraged. The goal is to make sure individuals and families have a safe and affordable place to live in this province.

These online workshops are just one of the ways that information is shared and collected about affordable housing. There are surveys, online forums, and ideas submitted to the housing authorities to guide these efforts. Those struggling with affordable housing are encouraged to share their story. It helps put the situation into perspective and it can be part of solution-oriented discussions.